CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Some of the features of the CRM element in Options include:

  1. A CRM Marketing button in the customer masterfile that will allow you to print, export or directly email marketing information to selections of customers
    • This will allow you to directly email from the system based on selections such as customers who have bought over $x in the last x number of months
    • Customers who have bought a product or any of a supplier's product within a date range
    • Customers who have bought anything in a product group within a date range
    • Customers who live in a selected postcode range
    • Plus many more default selection options
    • The automatic emails sent from this facility can have a html email body which means that you can include graphics or professionally formatted text in the email for marketing purposes
    • You can add attachments to the emails
    • When email marketing campaigns are sent from this facility, it is recorded against each customer and a customer email marketing history is saved and is viewable in the system.
  2. An integrated CRM calendar which has the following features
    • A calls window that will display calls taken from clients via the CRM buttons in the system and calls or events entered in the CRM calendar. This means that the calls window is a To Do list of any calls taken from clients that need actioning plus any calls due to clients or any events in the calendar.
    • Calls have an un-actioned or complete status and the calls window can filter out any completed calls/events, which means that the new calls window can be a user's To Do list.
    • The calls window supports viewing only calls/events up to including today or viewing calls/events in the future
    • Calls/events can be added to the calendar on any date and can be assigned to multiple operators
    • Calls/events have a status of actioned/complete and when all calls/events on a day are complete, that day in the calendar is de-highlighted
    • Calls/events can be added as recurring and can be attached to a customer's account and/or document
    • The calendar supports going to any month or year
    • The calendar can be printed for the user
    • View a customer's call history for each customer

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