Options Mobile

Options Mobile is the latest add-on program available for Options.

It provides an interface that can be used on multiple Apple and Android devices and integrates with Options in real-time.



  • Real time interface to Options.
  • Stay informed and up to date whether you have one store or many with the ability to change which company data you are viewing directly from the app.
  • Control which users can access certain features.


  • Search for a customer to see their sales history, contact information and account balance.
  • Call a customer directly from the app.
  • View multipe contacts and addresses for the one customer.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Keep ahead of CRM by entering calls to or from customers on the go.
  • Ability to update any overdue or outstanding call.
  • View completed calls between selected dates.
  • Create a new enquiry or project with the option of attaching a next call to it.
  • View and edit existing enquiries and projects.
  • Coming soon: When CRM calls are added or edited they can be added to their Outlook 365 calendar.


  • Search for stock and view the amount of stock on hand, its price and description.
  • Ability to also see future supply orders and their estimated time of arrival.


  • Create a sales order or a quote directly from your own mobile device.
  • Apply custom percentage or dollar value discounts per line.


  • Search for a supplier to view their contact details and address.


  • Display an order/invoice.
  • Customers can then sign for their goods on the application which is captured and sent back to Options which is available for staff in the office/store to see signature against the delivery straight away.
  • Barcode support for scanning orders/invoices on delivery.
  • Coming soon: Delivery tracking (records quantities delivered, time taken, signature and photo proof)

Sales Statistics

  • View live sales and budget statistics of your business and sales areas.
  • Displayed in a gauge and line graph with over 14 different display combinations.

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