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Options Online API

Options API interface is an exciting sister product to Options that allows our users to integrate their back-end Options inventory management system with their website. It offers the following features

  • External websites can perform either overnight or live queries on any data in the Options system. This means that Options users can control what products are available online and what categories they appear in on the website from one central place in the Options Inventory system. The external website can then use the API to query Options for the list of products available online and the online category to list it in.
  • Any information that you require to be live on the website – such as stock on hand levels - can be requested via the API in real time for display on your website.
  • When a customer places an order on the external website it can then be sent in real time to Options for your operator to confirm as an order, which will then automatically email a copy of the final order to the customer as an order confirmation with no re-entry.
  • When a customer makes a payment in the external website – it can then send that to Options via the API to record that payment against the relevant customer’s order with no re-entry.
  • The Options API minimises the costs of creating fully integrated websites by centralising your online product information within your Options system and allowing it to be accessed by your website externally.
  • Add the facilities to send orders and payments directly to your Options system, and the API allows you to create websites that are fully integrated with your back end Options Inventory and Order taking system.

The other huge benefit is that your website can reside on your web developers data centre for maximum site performance while being fully integrated to Options in the background.

If you already have a website or are looking at developing one, and want to get it fully integrated with Options – then the Options API is a must!

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