Options Wireless

Options Wireless

It provides an interface that can be used on a number of wireless mobile hardware platforms and integrates with Options in real-time to provide mobile data entry and enquiry facilities for the iPad™.



  • Real time interface to Options.
  • Eliminate human errors on receiving and dispatching.
  • Printing invoices/put away lists and labels directly from the wireless device.
  • Stock taking


  • Price on Hand Check
  • You can enter, search or scan a stock code to display description, pricing, availability and image information.
  • Enquire on stock item sales history.
  • Make notes on stock items when visiting suppliers or browsing through a showroom.
  • Enquire on customer sales history for stock items.


  • Create new quotes wirelessly.
  • Enquiry on, or modify existing customer quotes.
  • Generate and email a quote for a customer while sitting in their office.

Customer Orders

  • You can enter a customer’s name and scan their products while they are browsing the showroom floor or standing in a queue at a payment counter. This saves time at point of payment as their order is sitting there waiting for the operator.
  • Sales reps on the road create new sales orders remotely.
  • Enquire on or modify existing customer orders.
  • Convert a quote into a sales order.
  • Enquiry on supplier orders and order ETA information.
  • Modify ETA information while visiting supplier.
  • View custom order notes.


  • Users can receive purchase orders into the system from the wireless device by entering the purchase order number and then scanning or entering the stock items.
  • Options Wireless will stop incorrect products being received against the purchase orders.
  • If not all items are scanned in to be received, Options Wireless advises the user of any items not being fully received.
  • Once the items are scanned in, they are updated into the Options system completely from the wireless device. This includes printing put-away slips and stock/customer labels for the items received.

Put Away

  • You can scan items in as they are being put away and Options Wireless will display their current warehouse bin location.
  • Bin locations can be changed directly from Options Wireless to allow busy warehouses with product moving between bins to be managed more effectively.


  • Users scan the sales order number and the products to be dispatched.
  • Options Wireless will advise if a product being scanned is not available to be invoiced on the selected order – eliminating supply errors to customers
  • If the sales order is not being fully dispatched, Options Wireless will display a list of items not being dispatched for the order, to allow the user to check the status of those items.
  • Once the items are scanned - at the press of a button, the invoice is generated and delivery labels are printed, ready for immediate dispatch.

Stock Taking

  • Wirelessly scan or enter stock items into the stock take counting file which is then imported directly into the main Options stock take entry module.

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