Latest Features

At Options Software, we are always looking at what new features would benefit our clients in their day to day business and deliver these with our regular upgrade program.

Below are just a few of the more recent additions to the Options suite of programs.


  1. Budgets can be entered for Invoiced Sales & GP, and Written Sales & GP by:
    • Sales Person
    • Sales Person Group – allows you to group Sales People/Areas together for reporting
    • Location
    • Location Group – allows you to group Locations together for reporting
    • Company-wide
  2. Trading days Company-wide and/or Per Location can be configured to calculate budget and sales figures to a date for valid comparisons.

The Dashboard

  1. Dashboard Gauge Window.
    This is a new graphical display of Invoiced Sales & GP, Daily Invoiced Average, Written Sales & GP and Daily Written Average Sales compared to budget and available for:
    • Company-wide versus Budget
    • Individual Sales Areas versus Budget
    • Sales Groups versus Budget
    • Individual Locations versus Budget
    • Location Groups versus Budget
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